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Backlight or Edge Lit LED Panels are generally used to backlight LCD panels. These displays provide full daylight visibility and can be customized in other colors and sizes depending on the application. Larger backlight are also used for laptop and computer screen backlighting. Other colors include Red, Blue and White.  Please refer to some of the standard sizes below or contact Marktech to discuss a custom panel design.

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ProductPhotoColorPeak WavelengthIntensity m2Overall Size (mm)Viewing Area (mm)SpecsBuy Now
MTBL2410-G-AGreen56725 mcd1.9x9.2 Side View Lamp (2 pin)2 Leaded BacklightDigikey
MTBL3M11-UYGGreen57023585.0x30.080.0x27.2Price Quote
MTBL3Q11-UYGGreen57017089.0x24.086.0x21.6Price Quote
MTBL3H11-UYGGreen57020567.0x21.064.5x19.0Price Quote
MTBL3U11-UYGGreen57034089.0x24.086.0x21.6Price Quote
MTBL3L11-UYGGreen57017568.9x22.065.0x18.0Price Quote
MTBL3V11-UYGGreen57018566.8x20.865.5x18.8Price Quote
MTBL3G11-UYGGreen570300154.0x35.3150.0x31.0Price Quote