Application Notes

Derating LEDs
Toshiba technical data for LED lamp usually shows the permissible current values against temperature. Refer to this information when planning a new design. 

LED Lamp Selection
LED lamps emit different colors (wavelengths) depending on the materials they are made of. LED lamps based on public standards, for example, LED lamps for specialized traffic signals or automotive stop lamps, frequently use a standardized bulb as the light source. 

LED Lamp Soldering
Since the transparent resin has a low softening temperature (glass transition temperature), carefully control the temperature when soldering. The following precautions should be observed when soldering lead type LED lamps.

Reliability of LEDs
As mentioned earlier, the luminous intensity of LED lamps characteristically declines slowly with use. Select LED lamps according to the level of reliability require in the equipment in which they will be used.

Photo Sensor Application Notes
The basic circuit of an optical sensor is shown in Figure 2-2.1(a). The anode of the LED is connected to the power line VCC via resistor RE and the cathode is grounded.

Precautions for Lead-Type Radial Taping
LED lamps are sold either loose or tape products. For mounting by hand, loose products are generally used, whereas tape products are required for automatic mounting.

Precautions for using LED Lamps
The characteristics of a LED lamp change according to the chip temperature (Tj: the temperature of the junction emitting the light).

Static Lighting and Dynamic Lighting
A LED can be lit using one of two methods: the static lighting method, in which a constant current is input continually over time, and the dynamic lighting method in which current is fed in continuous ON-OFF pulses.

Visible LEDs Application Notes
The features of LED lamps become clear by comparison with tungsten filament incandescent lamps and discharge tubes in their light emitting mechanisms and structures.

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