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Red Dot & Reticle LEDs

Explore the precision and versatility of Marktech Optoelectronics' red dot, green dot, and reticle LEDs, engineered for advanced aiming and targeting applications. These LEDs are designed to produce a highly defined red dot or reticle, facilitating accurate aiming without revealing the location to the target.

Ideal for use in optical scopes, reflex sights, and various other equipment, Marktech’s dot and reticle LEDs combine high efficiency with low power consumption, ensuring prolonged battery life and operational reliability. With their specialized coatings and custom design options, these LEDs are preferred for industries requiring precision targeting without visibility to the prey or adversary. Marktech can provide custom reticle LEDs with combinations of circles, cross-hairs, dots, alphanumeric characters, and unique OEM-designed shapes.

Red Dot Reticle Assault Rifle

Red Dot & Reticle LEDs

Product Specs Peak Wavelength Size Angle Aperture Power Buy Now Photo
MTSP-1358 520 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 25 0.03 Price Quote
MTSP-1360 520 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 50 0.10 Price Quote
MTSP-1234 647 1.6x1.5 SMD Flat Lens 80 100 0.21 Price Quote
MTSP-1025 650 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 110 25 0.18 Price Quote
MTSP-1129 650 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 110 50 0.29 Price Quote
MTSP-1179 650 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 80 0.3 Price Quote
MTSP-1232 650 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 100 0.2 Price Quote
MTSP-1320 650 2.1x2.1 SMD Flat Lens 110 150 0.60 Price Quote
MTSP-1334 650 3.0mm x 4.0mm SMD Frameless Price Quote
MTSP-1402 650 1.6x1.5 SMD Flat Lens 100 25 0.20 Price Quote
MTSP-1131 650 1.6x1.5 SMD Flat Lens 110 50 0.275 Price Quote

Product Information

Marktech’s high-performance Red Dot and Reticle LEDs are setting new standards in precision targeting technology. These specialized LEDs are crafted to provide an exceptionally sharp and defined dot or reticle, essential for accurate aiming and targeting across various applications. Marktech’s LEDs are designed to enhance performance while maintaining discretion and efficiency, from optical scopes in sports and defense to advanced industrial and scientific instruments.

Our enhanced-sharpness 25- and 50-micron red or green dot point source LEDs are fantastic options for reflex sights, riflescopes, sports optics, camera viewfinders, and other aiming applications. In addition, Marktech has expanded its offering of red dot LEDs with additional micron sizes and package types.

Our green dot LEDs utilize a “true green” 520nm wavelength, which appears brighter to the human eye than a 650nm red point source with equivalent power output. Green dots appear “brighter” because the rod receptors in the human eye respond more to 520nm green light than 650 red light. However, red dots are still desirable in many applications. For instance, if the background, foliage, or target is a similar shade of green, then a red dot might be a better option.

Standard red dot LEDs micron sizes include 25 µm, 50 µm, 80µm, 100 µm, and 150 µm. Red dot LEDs with micron sizes of 10µm, 13µm, 30µm, 40µm, and 60µm are available on a custom basis. Our standard red dot LEDs are available in two package types: a 2.1×2.1 SMD Flat Lens and a 1.6×1.5 SMD Flat Lens. Several additional package options, such as chip on board (COB) and flex circuit, are available. Marktech can also custom design packages for OEM needs.

Marktech can also custom-design reticle or ocular microdisplay LEDs to display numerical or alphanumeric information within the optics or eyepiece, which allows the viewer to maintain focus on the target.



Marktech Optoelectronics’ Red Dot and Reticle LEDs embody the pinnacle of targeting technology, offering unmatched precision and efficiency for a wide range of applications. Whether for sporting, defense, industrial, scientific, or entertainment purposes, these LEDs provide the reliability, performance, and discretion professionals require worldwide.

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