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CREE-LED Surface Mount

CREE High Brightness (HB) SMD LEDs are the brightest, most reliable architectural, video, signage, scoreboard, roadway, and specialty LEDs available today.

CREE LED’s High Brightness offerings are at the forefront of the industry, bringing pioneering technology to LED video screens, signage, and architectural and specialty lighting. These LEDs are renowned for their unparalleled impact and reliability, contributing to the success of some of the most prestigious LED displays around the globe. The High Brightness HB series features an extensive selection of sizes and capabilities, available in single and multi-color variants to meet a vast array of needs.

LED Light Strip

CREE Surface Mount LEDs

Product Photo Color DWL DWL Min. DWL Max. CCT Min. CCT Typ. Intensity Min. Intensity m2 Forward Voltage Angle Conditions IF Dimensions Buy Now Specs
CLP6C-FKB RGB See Spec See Spec 120° See Spec 6.0 x 5.0 mm Price Quote
CLM3A-MKW Warm White 1400 mcd 3.2V 120° 20mA 2.7 x 2.0 mm Price Quote
CLM3A-WKW White 1600 mcd 3.2V 120° 20mA 2.7 x 2.0 mm Price Quote
CLM3C-MKW Warm White 1560 mcd 3.2V 20mA 2.7 x 2.0 mm Price Quote
CLM3C-WKW White 1850 mcd 3.2V 120° 20mA 2.7 x 2.0 mm Price Quote
CLN6A-MKW Warm White 6500 mlm 3.8V 115° 300mA 5.0 x 5.0 mm Price Quote
CLN6A-WKW White 8000 mlm 3.8V 115° 300mA 5.0 x 5.0 mm Price Quote
CLP6S-MKW White 3800 mcd 4.0V 120° 50mA 6.0 x 5.0 mm Price Quote
CLP6S-WKW White 4000 mcd 4.0V 120° 50mA 6.0 x 5.0 mm Price Quote
CLV6A-FKB RGB See Spec See Spec 120° See Spec 5.5 x 5.5 mm Price Quote
CLM2D-GCC Green 527.5 520 535 7100 mcd 12000 mcd 2.9V Price Quote
CLM2D-BCC Blue 470 465 475 1400 mcd 2300 mcd 3.1V Price Quote
CLM2D-CCC Cyan 506 500 512.5 3550 mcd 6500 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLM2B-AEW Amber 591 584 599 2800 mcd 5000 mcd 2.5V Price Quote
CLM2B-REW Red 624 618 630 2240 mcd 3700 mcd 2.5V Price Quote
CLM2C-ACA Amber 591 584 596 1800 mcd 4000 mcd 2.0V Price Quote
CLM2C-BCA Blue 470 460 480 900 mcd 1600 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLM2C-GCA Green 530 520 540 2240 mcd 5500 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLM2C-RCA Red 621 619 624 1400 mcd 3500 mcd 2.0V Price Quote
CLM2D-ACC Amber 590 584 596 2800 mcd 5200 mcd 2.1V Price Quote
CLM2D-APC Amber 590 584 596 1800 mcd 3500 mcd 2.1V 30° Price Quote
CLM2D-BPC Blue 470 465 475 1120 mcd 2000 mcd 3.1V 30° Price Quote
CLM2D-CPC Cyan 505 495 515 3550 mcd 4800 mcd 3.1V 30° Price Quote
CLM2D-GPC Green 527.5 520 535 5600 mcd 10000 mcd 2.9V 30° Price Quote
CLM2D-RCC Red 621 619 624 2800 mcd 5000 mcd 2.0V Price Quote
CLM2D-RPC Red 621 619 624 1800 mcd 3500 mcd 2.0V 30° Price Quote
CLP6C-AKW Amber 591 584 596 3550 mcd 5000 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLP6C-RKW Red 624 618 630 3550 mcd 4800 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLM1B-AKW Amber 591 584 596 450 mcd 750 mcd 2.1V Price Quote
CLM1B-BKW Blue 470 460 480 280 mcd 450 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLM1B-GKW Green 527 520 540 710 mcd 13000 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLM1B-RKW Red 624 618 630 450 mcd 650 mcd 2.1V Price Quote
CLM1B-AKC Amber 591 584 596 900 mcd 1050 mcd 2.3V Price Quote
CLM3A-BKW Blue 470 460 480 224 mcd 400 mcd 3.4V Price Quote
CLM3A-GKW Green 527 520 540 560 mcd 1000 mcd 3.4V Price Quote
CLM3C-AKW Amber 591 584 596 355 mcd 700 mcd 2.1V Price Quote
CLM3C-RKW Red 624 618 630 450 mcd 710 mcd 2.1V Price Quote
CLM4B-AKW Amber 591 584 599 1120 mcd 1500 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLM4B-RKW Red 624 618 630 1120 mcd 1160 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLM4C-PKW Orange 615 610 622 1120 mcd 2000 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLM4B-BKW Blue 470 460 480 355 mcd 550 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
CLM4B-GKW Green 527 515 535 1400 mcd 1800 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
CLM4B-AKC Amber 591 587 596 1400 mcd 1900 mcd 2.2V Price Quote
CLM4B-RKC Red 624 618 630 1120 mcd 1700 mcd 2.5V Price Quote
CLM4B-AKB Amber 591 584 599 1120 mcd 1500 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLM4B-RKB Red 624 618 630 1120 mcd 1600 mcd 2.4V Price Quote
CLM4B-BKC Blue 470 460 475 355 mcd 600 mcd 3.1V Price Quote
CLM4B-GKC Green 527 520 535 2240 mcd 3200 mcd 3.1V Price Quote
CLM4B-BKB Blue 470 460 480 355 mcd 550 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
CLM4B-GKB Green 527 515 535 1120 mcd 1800 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
CLX6F-BKB Blue 465 475 2240 mcd 2800 mcd 2.9V Price Quote
CLX6F-GKB Green 520 540 5020 mcd 7100 mcd 2.9V Price Quote
CLX6F-RKB Red 619 624 1120 mcd 1450 mcd 2.1V Price Quote
CLX6F-PKW PC Amber 6300 mcd 9000 mcd 3.3V Price Quote
CLX6F-AKB Amber 587.5 597.5 3550 mcd 4200 mcd 2.2V Price Quote
CLMXB-FKC RGB 515/1200/240 mcd 15/10/10 mA 2.19x1.8x1.55 Price Quote
CLQ6A-FKW RGB 4500/12000/3000 mcd 100 mA 5.0x5.2x1.1 Price Quote
UHD1110-FKA RGB 78/106/24 mcd 5 mA 1.0x1.0x0.6 Price Quote
CLMUC-FKA RGB 55/170/28 mcd 5 mA 1.5x1.5x1.0 Price Quote
CLMVC-FKA RGB 80/225/43 mcd 5 mA 2.0x2.0x0.9 Price Quote
CLMVC-FKC RGB 420/650/145 mcd 15/10/10 mA 2.0 x 2.0 mm Price Quote
CLMXB-FKA RGB 275/565/103 mcd 15/10/10 mA 2.1x1.8x1.55 Price Quote
CLV1L-FKB RGB 680/1250/235 mcd 20/15/15 mA 3.2x2.8x1.9 Price Quote
CLY6C-FKC RGB 500/900/245 mcd 15/10/10 mA 2.8x2.8x2.5 Price Quote
CLY6D-FKC RGB 750/1350/240 mcd 15/10/10 mA 2.8x2.8x2.5 Price Quote
CLYBB-FKA RGB 420/730/135 mcd 15/10/10 mA 2.8x2.8x2.3 Price Quote
CLX6E-FKC RGB 500/950/240 mcd 15/10/10 mA 3.5x3.4x2.8 Price Quote
CLX6F-FKC RGB 900/2100/500 mcd 20 mA 3.5x3.5x2.5 Price Quote
CLQ6A-TKW RGBW 4500/10400/2700/8200 mcd 100 mA 5.0x5.2x1.1 Price Quote
CLMUD-FKA RGB 54/180/30 mcd 5 mA 1.5x1.5x1.0 Price Quote
CLV1A-FKB RGB 320/1200/320 mcd 20 mA 3.2x2.8x1.9 Price Quote
CLVBA-FKA RGB 320/500/160 mcd 20 mA 3.2x2.8x1.9 Price Quote
SLV6A-FKB RGB 700/1600/400 mcd 20 mA 5.5x5.5x2.5 Price Quote
SLV6D-FKB RGB 780/1200/280 mcd 10/10/15 mA 5.5x5.5x2.5 Price Quote
CLS6B-FKW RGB 770/1500/350 mcd 20 mA 4.7x1.5x1.3 Price Quote
QLS6A-FKW RGB 900-2800 mcd 14/12/16 mA 4.7x1.5x1.3 Price Quote
QLS6B-FKW RGB 900-2800 mcd 14/12/16 mA 4.7x1.5x1.3 Price Quote
CLA2A-WKW Cool White 4600K 5500K 2240 mcd 3800 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLM1C-WKW Cool White 4600K 6800K 900 mcd 1800 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLP6B-MKW Warm White 2500K 3200K 7100 mcd 12000 mcd 3.8V Price Quote
CLP6B-WKW Cool White 4600K 6800K 9000 mcd 14000 mcd 3.8V Price Quote
CLA1A-MKW Warm White 2500K 3200K 1400 mcd 2500 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
CLA1A-WKW Cool White 4600K 5500K 1800 mcd 2800 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
CLA1B-MKW Warm White 2500K 4700K 2520 mcd 3023 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLA1B-WKW Cool White 4700K 8300K 2800 mcd 3177 mcd 3.2V Price Quote
CLA1A-WKB Cool White 4600K 5500K 1400 mcd 2600 mcd 3.6V Price Quote
UHD111A-FKA RGB 35/60/12 120 10mA 1.0mmx1.0mm Price Quote
UHD1110-FKA RGB Price Quote
CLMUD-FKC RGB 450/750/145 110 1.5mmx1.5mm Price Quote
CLV1H-FKB RGB 1000/2400/530 120 3.2mmx2.8mm Price Quote
CLV6F-FKB RGB 1100/2600/600 120 5.5mmx5.5mm Price Quote
CLMWB-FKC RGB 525/1030/210 120 1.6mmx1.7mm Price Quote
CV94A-FGC RGB 1600/2800/560 90/45 9.4mmx4.2mm Price Quote
CV94D-FCC RGB 6000/12000/2300 30 9.4mmx4.2mm Price Quote
CLW6A-TKW RGBW 3.4/6.8/1.5/5.9 120 3.5mmx3.5mm Price Quote
CLR6A-TKW RGBW 7.5/15.5/3.3/14 120 3.8mmx3.8mm Price Quote
CLQ6A-YKW RGBA 4500/10400/3000/6300 120 5.2mmx5.0mm Price Quote
CLQ6B-TKW RGBW 4700/12000/3400/15000 120 5.2mmx5.0mm Price Quote
QLS6C-FKW RGB 3175/4500 120 4.7mmx1.5mm Price Quote

Product Information

The High Brightness SMD single-color LEDs set the standard for luminous intensity and dependability in LED video screens, monochromatic information displays, and signal and architectural lighting. These LEDs come in an extensive palette of colors, various package designs, and multiple beam angles, providing customizable options for diverse application demands.

In addition to supplying CREE LED HB SMD LEDs, Marktech has decades of experience designing and manufacturing LED assemblies for information displays, scoreboards, roadway signs, and architectural lighting applications. Marktech also packages CREE LED chips in hermetic TO-can, hermetic SMD, custom, and chip-on-board (COB) packaging for analytical, medical, prototyping projects, and specialty applications.

Cree’s surface mount (SMD) LEDs are engineered for industry-standard packaging, delivering robust, high-brightness output. They are capable of withstanding varied environmental conditions and are ideally suited for a myriad of lighting applications. The broad viewing angle of these LEDs is ideal for channel letters, general backlighting, and illumination tasks. Their design, featuring a flat-top emitting surface, ensures seamless integration with light pipes. With options that include flat or domed lenses, viewing angles ranging from 60 to 120 degrees, and many colors and brightness levels, these SMD LEDs offer versatility and high performance for lighting designs.

CREE LED has an extensive selection of SMD LED emitters with various specifications to suit different lighting needs. CREE LED has single-color, multi-color, and white SMD LED. The range of colors includes amber, blue, cyan, green, orange, red, RGB (Red-Green-Blue), RGBW (Red-Green-Blue-White), and warm and cool white variants. Dominant Wavelengths (DWL) span from 470nm (blue) to 624nm (red), indicating the color’s peak emission. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) values provided, specifically for white LEDs, range from 70 to 80, ensuring color accuracy. Luminous intensity is a critical parameter here, with a minimum range from as low as 190 mcd (millicandela) to as high as 50,000 mcd, indicating the brightness level of the LEDs. These intensity values are instrumental in applications where visibility or high brightness is crucial.

The Forward Voltage (V) indicates the energy needed to drive the LEDs. Most operate at standard values between 2.0V and 4.0V, aligning with common power supplies. Viewing angles vary widely, from a focused 30° to a broad 120°, essential for applications requiring different light dispersion levels.


The advanced features and specifications of the CREE LED SMD LEDs provide versatility for various applications requiring varied brightness, color fidelity, and low energy consumption levels. The diverse viewing angle range suggests suitability for different light diffusion needs, from focused beams to widespread illumination applications.


In each of these applications, CREE LED through-hole LED emitters bring specific benefits such as enhanced performance, improved lifespan, energy efficiency, and superior brightness and color quality, which are crucial for the effectiveness and reliability of lighting solutions in diverse environments.

CREE LED’s Latest High Brightness SMD LEDs

CREE LED has expanded its product line by introducing three new surface mount diode (SMD) LEDs engineered explicitly for use in large-format, high-resolution video screens. These SMD LEDs are designed to deliver superior image quality and reliability for applications such as stadium signs, airport displays, command center displays, and full-color roadway signs.

The CV94A-FGC is a 3-in-1 RGB LED from the CV94 LED family. It features an oval beam angle of 90°/45°, making it suitable for outdoor applications with larger-pixel pitches like roadway signs and LED billboards. This SMD LED allows signage manufacturers to replace multiple through-hole LEDs with a single SMD, simplifying assembly and enhancing image quality while reducing costs.

Secondly, the CLMWB-FKC is another RGB SMD LED with high brightness and a wide viewing angle in a compact 1.6 x 1.7 mm size. It is ideal for high-resolution outdoor LED video screens used in stadiums and for advertising purposes. The CV94A-FGC and CLMWB-FKC models have an IPx8 waterproof rating and UV inhibitors, which boost their reliability and performance in extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, the UHD111A-FKA is an RGB SMD LED that stands out for its industry-leading brightness and reliability, packaged into a small 1.0 x 1.0 mm footprint. This LED is optimized for high-resolution indoor displays in airports, shopping malls, and command centers. A distinctive feature of the UHD111A-FKA is the absence of wire bonds, which enhances black levels and contrast ratios, a notable improvement over similar LEDs.

These introductions by Cree LED demonstrate a commitment to innovative, high-quality display solutions across various environments and applications.

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