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CREE-LED Starboards

Marktech simplifies LED technology integration with its CREE LED XLamp® offerings on compact aluminum core starboards. These starboards are ideal for designers and manufacturers to test and implement LED solutions easily, without the complexity of custom prototyping. The range includes a variety of colors and viewing angles suitable for different design needs. Our starboards, typically sized between .75″ and 1.0″, accelerate the adoption of LEDs in diverse lighting applications. The XLamp XQ-D LEDs on these starboards stand out for their small size and broad light distribution, perfect for applications requiring widespread illumination.

Marktech also assembles UV and infrared LED emitters on to metal cored starboards and linear boards. Custom assemblies with combination of different CREE LED products, IR LED, UV LED, and even photodiode detectors are an option as well.

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CREE Starboards

Product Color Size Angle Device Type Buy Now Specs
MTG7-001i-XML00-RGBW-BC02 RGBW Star Board with 1 LED 130 XM-L Digikey
MTG7-001i-XML00-RGBW-BCB1 RGBW Star Board with 1 LED 130 XM-L Digikey
MTG7-001I-XPG00-CW-0H53 Cool White Star Board with 1 LED 125 XP-G Digikey
MTG7-001I-XQD00-CW-LF53 Cool White Star Board with 1 LED 145 XQ-D Digikey

Product Information

The CREE Xlamps available on Marktech starboards include Cree XQ-D White Series, Cree XP-G Color Series, Cree XM-L Color Series, and Cree XM-L Color Series.

CREE LED’s XLamp series, including the XQ-D White and XM-L Color on Marktech starboards, represents a high-performance, versatile array of LEDs designed to cater to a broad spectrum of lighting needs. The XQ-D White series offers a variety of correlated color temperatures (CCT) that provide cool, neutral, or warm white light. Specifically, the cool white is available at 6000K, neutral white at 4000K, and warm white at 3000K, allowing designers to select the appropriate ambiance for different settings.

These white LEDs provide a wide viewing angle of 145 degrees, ensuring a broad distribution of light, which is essential for applications like general area lighting or task lighting where wide coverage is needed. The thermal resistance from junction to solder point is rated at 7.5°C/W, indicating an efficient thermal management system that is critical for maintaining longevity and performance of the LEDs. For protection against electrostatic discharge, the XQ-D series boasts a Class 1 ESD classification, which is crucial for reliable operation in sensitive environments.

The DC forward current specification shows that these LEDs can operate at a range of 350 to 700 mA, providing flexibility in power and brightness levels. They have a forward voltage range of 3.1 to 3.5 V at a standard test current of 80 mA and a temperature of 25°C, which is a common operating point for many lighting applications. The temperature coefficient of voltage is -3 mV/°C, reflecting the change in voltage with the change in temperature, which is an important consideration for lighting systems exposed to varied environmental conditions.

Switching to the XM-L Color series, these LEDs come in vibrant hues with dominant wavelength ranges for red (620-635 nm), green (520-535 nm), and royal blue (450-465 nm). The series also offers cool white and neutral white options, with CCT ranging from 3700K for a softer white to 8000K for a stark, cool white. The viewing angle for the XM-L series is slightly narrower at 130 degrees, which is still ample for most lighting applications requiring direct or focused lighting. The thermal resistance in this series is more efficient at 3.5°C/W, allowing better performance in thermally demanding situations.

The XM-L series features a higher LED junction temperature limit of 150°C, which allows for operation in high-temperature environments. The temperature coefficients of voltage for the red, green, and blue/white LEDs vary slightly, demonstrating the change in forward voltage with temperature changes, important for precise lighting control. The reverse voltage ratings ensure that the LEDs can tolerate a certain amount of reverse current without damage, a critical parameter for protecting the LEDs in complex circuits.

In summary, the starboard-mounted CREE XQ-D White and XM-L Color LED series offer:

These attributes underscore CREE LED XLamps’ adaptability for applications demanding high brightness, color fidelity, and durable performance under various thermal and electrical conditions.


In conclusion, Marktech’s selection of CREE LED XLamp® solutions on aluminum core starboards represents a significant leap forward in LED integration and application. From the expansive color range of the XQ-D White and XM-L Color series to the wide viewing angles and exceptional thermal management, these LEDs are tailored to meet the exacting demands of a multitude of lighting scenarios. They are robust enough for outdoor and exterior use, versatile for indoor lighting designs, and compact for automotive and portable lighting solutions. The provision of these high-performing LEDs on starboards signifies Marktech’s commitment to providing accessible, high-quality lighting components that foster innovation and ease of use in LED technology adoption across industries.

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