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Explore the frontier of illumination with Marktech Optoelectronics' Multi-Wavelength and Multiple Chip LED Emitters. Engineered to address a myriad of applications across the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR spectral ranges, these emitters combine multiple wavelengths from 235nm to 4300nm in a single hermetic package for enhanced functionality and design simplicity.

Each chip within the package is independently addressable, and the option to integrate photodiode detectors further augments their utility. Ideal for non-dispersive spectroscopy, medical diagnostics (including oximetry and co-oximetry), fluorescence, and multi-parameter colorimeters, our emitters streamline design processes, cut costs, and safeguard photonic devices against environmental factors. Multiple wavelength chips in non-hermetic packages and chip-on-board (COB) assemblies are also available.

Medical Device Development

Multi-wavelength emitter

Product Photo Features Package Buy Now Specs
MTMD142345PDT38 Detector/Emitter TO-5 with Flat Lens - 1040nm - 1200nm - 1300nm - 1460nm - 1550nm /// PD - 600nm - 1750nm Price Quote
MTMD1479PD6T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 1460nm - 1720nm - 1900nm /// PD - 600nm - 2600nm Price Quote
MTMD2333T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 275nm, 310nm, 360nm, 380nm Price Quote
MTMD2336T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 275nm, 310nm, 360nm, 275nm Price Quote
MTMD3143T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 310nm, 430nm, 310nm, 430nm Price Quote
MTMD3334T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 310nm, 360nm, 380nm, 430nm Price Quote
MTMD3340T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 310nm, 310nm, 340nm, 405nm Price Quote
MTMD3445T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 360nm, 405nm, 430nm, 565nm Price Quote
MTMD34679PD6T38 Detector/Emitter TO-5 with Flat Lens - 1300nm - 1460nm - 1650nm - 1720nm - 1900nm /// PD - 800nm - 2600nm Price Quote
MTMD4270T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 428nm, 700nm, 428nm, 700nm Price Quote
MTMD6376T38 NEW TO-5 with Flat Lens - 635nm, 760nm, 635nm, 760nm Price Quote
MTMD6788594SMT6 SMD 6 Pins with Flat Lens - 670nm - 770nm - 810nm - 850nm - 950nm Digikey
MTMD6894T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 670nm (2 chips) - 810nm (2 chips) - 950nm (2 chips) Digikey
MTMD7885N24 TO-18 with Narrow Domed Lens - 770nm - 810nm - 850nm Digikey
MTMD7885T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 770nm (2 chips) - 810nm (2 chips) - 850nm (2 chips) Digikey
MTMS7700SMT4 PLCC-4 with Flat Lens - 770nm (3 chips) Digikey
MTMS7700T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 770nm (6 chips) Digikey
MTMS8800T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 880nm (6 chips) Digikey
MTMS9400T38 TO-5 with Flat Lens - 950nm (6 chips) Digikey

Product Information

Our Multi-chip and multi-wavelength Emitters combine several LED chips in the same package to reduce overall component size. LEDs with different wavelengths can be placed in the package for applications such as colorimetry, spectrometry, medical diagnostics (oximetry, co-oximetry, photoplethysmography (PPG), optical coherence tomography (OCT), urinalysis, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)), fluorescence, and currency validation. Multichip emitters are also used for high-reliability indicators, switch backlighting, and panel illumination.

The Marktech multichip LED series is available in various colors with polarized and non-polarized configurations for AC or DC operation. These low-profile emitters contain multiple, evenly spaced chips, combining for a consistent, wide-illuminated light pattern while consuming little power.

Several LED dies, or chips with the same wavelength can be packaged together for higher power output applications. Multiple LED chip products come in various package types, including TO-18, PLCC, TO-5, and surface mount. These devices hold anywhere from 2 to 7 die and are available in our selected standard chips in UV through SWIR Short Wave Infrared ranges. The LEDs can be modified to the customer’s specifications, which includes power and wavelength sorting. InGaAs and silicon photodiodes can also be added into the package to provide both a light source and detection, which is especially useful for spectroscopy and biomarker sensing applications.

The Marktech hermetically sealed metal can multichip LED series offers high-output, low-profile emitters that contain multiple, evenly spaced chips, ideal for applications requiring the same emission sources in a small, densely packaged area.

In applications with more than seven LEDs needing to be densely packed, Marktech has chip-on-board (COB) solutions where multiple LED dies are directly placed into a small amount of space on a printed circuit board (PCB). COB offers many advantages compared to standard packaging. LEDs and electronic components are heat sensitive, so metal-cored boards are utilized where dense packing raises concerns about overheating devices.

While widely used in LED illumination applications, COB technology can significantly enhance emission and detection functions in sensing applications. Detectors can be soldered directly onto a printed circuit board with or without LED emitters. Packing more light emission or light detection chips into an area can enhance circuit and design performance in many applications.

Marktech’s Multi-chip & Multi-Wavelength Emitters, LED + Detectors, and COB products provide design engineers with several options to meet their space limitations and development needs.



Marktech Optoelectronics’ Multi-Wavelength and Multiple Chip LED Emitters are at the forefront of photonic innovation, offering unparalleled versatility, efficiency, and reliability for various applications. From advanced medical diagnostics to precise analytical instrumentation, our emitters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern technology, simplifying design processes while providing comprehensive solutions to complex lighting and sensing challenges.

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Spectral sensitivity from 254nm to 2600nm depending on specific InGaAs and silicon photodiodes placed in the same package.

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