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SWIR Emitters

1020nm to 1720nm

Marktech is one of a few limited manufacturers who supply emitters in the extended wavelength or SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) range. Our standard product offering includes both through-hole and surface mount packages with wavelengths from 1020nm to 1720nm and operating currents ranging from 20mA to 350mA for high power applications. Higher wavelength ranges up to 3000nm are available in specific package types. If something above 3000nm is required which is more in the MWIR (Mid Wavelength Infrared) range, Marktech is happy to work with you to develop a custom wafer / die that meets your specific application.

The SWIR wavelength range also requires specialized optical detectors as standard silicon detectors have a maximum sensitivity limit of approximately 1100nm. Marktech produces a line of InGaAs detectors that are optimized for sensing light in the SWIR wavelength range. These detectors can be obtained as an individual discrete component or combined with a silicon sensor to cover the complete spectrum of light from the visible to the SWIR range. Marktech also offers the option to produce multi element devices with emitter and detector chips in the same package.

The market for SWIR devices is growing rapidly. They are being used in a variety of applications including produce inspection, security, surveillance, anti-counterfeiting and biomedical to name a few.

Marktech’s series of near IR Emitters includes Metal Hermetic Cans, Surface mount, and plastic emitters ranging from 720 to 950 nm. Our IR Emitter series is designed for applications requiring high output and precise optical/mechanical axis alignment. Also included in our emitter series are High Power devices that deliver typical values of 25 and 30 mw @50 mA and can be driven at currents of up to 100mA letting the user obtain output levels of more than 2x that of standard emitters. These devices are available in both 850nm and 950nm. These devices achieve optimal performance for medical sensing, fiber optical communication, optical switching and sensors to name a few.

Short wavelength infrared (SWIR) LEDs are the latest addition to Marktech’s broad line of emitters. Available in a variety of through-hole and surface mount packages, SWIR emitters satisfy a growing need for high-speed light emission in ranges not easily seen by standard detectors and are also being used for material and chemical analysis.

Typical industries served:
Medical, Security, Military, Communications, Industrial and Agriculture

Common applications:
Bioflorescence and blood chemistry analysis, night vision, safety equipment, currency validation, fiber optics, inspection systems

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ProductPhotoPeak WavelengthAnglePowerBandwidthConditions IFForward VoltagePackageBuy NowSpecs
MT51020-IR10202020501001.255mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MT51060-IR1060208801001.255mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0012-015-IR120061.570200.9TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0012-095-IR1200506701001TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0012-525-IR1200200.970200.95mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0012-995-IR1200453.51005013.5x2.7mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0013-015-IR130061.685200.85TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0013-095-IR1300506701001.1TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0013-525-IR1300202.270200.855mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE0013-995-IR1300453.570500.83.5x2.7mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1200C212001209.566501.143mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1200D4120011013.865501.083mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1200N-WRC1200165.961501.10TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1200N21200451070501.055mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1200N51200513.570501.055mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1200W-WRC12001006.160501.09TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300-WRC130092170500.8TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300C213001208.770501.053mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300D4130011012.971501.073mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300N130020385500.8TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300N-WRC1300165.369501.05TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300N21300459.070501.005mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300N51300513.570501.055mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300NM1-WRC1300121.485500.8TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300SL-WRC1300260.6585500.8TO-18 Focused Ball Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300W1300503.885500.8TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1300W-WRC13001005.869501.07TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE2017-015-IR172061130200.7TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE2017-095-IR1720451130200.7TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE4110C2104012018.634501.323mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE4110D4104011026.335501.323mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE4110N-WRC10401611.934501.33TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE4110N210404519.536501.305mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE4110N51040528.540501.305mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE4110W-WRC104010012.835501.33TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5010-015-IR105061.6100201.15TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5010-095-IR10504019100501.2TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5010-525-IR105020450201.155mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5010-995-IR1050457.580501.23.5x2.7mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5014-015-IR145061.5150200.8TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5014-095-IR1450804.61501000.8TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5014-525-IR1450201.8150200.85mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5014-995-IR1450453.5120500.83.5x2.7mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5015-015-IR155060.75130200.7TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5015-095-IR1550504.51301000.75TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5015-525-IR1550200.9130200.755mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5015-995-IR1550453130500.83.5x2.7mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5016-015-IR165061100200.7TO-46 Metal Can Domed (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5016-095-IR1650901.5100200.7TO-46 Metal Can Flat (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5016-525-IR1650201.5100200.75mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5016-995-IR1650451.3100500.83.5x2.7mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5016N-WRC1650121150500.75TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5115C215501204.798501.073mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5115D415501106.3100501.043mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5115N-WRC1550163.1103501.07TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5115N21550454.5100501.005mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5115N5155056.5100501.005mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5115W-WRC15501003.2103501.31TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5116C216501203.8118501.023mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5116D416501105.5113500.973mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5116N-WRC1650163.0115500.99TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5116N21650453.5115500.955mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5116N5165054.6110500.955mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE5116W-WRC16501003.1116500.99TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE6114C214601205.6106501.003mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE6114D414601108.6105501.053mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE6114N-WRC1460163.7103501.02TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE6114N21460456.0100501.005mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE6114N5146057.5100501.005mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE6114W-WRC14601003.9103501.16TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7110C2107012018.538501.303mm Plastic Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7110D4107011026.337501.303mm Plastic Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7110N-WRC10701612.237501.34TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7110N210704521.040501.305mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7110N5107053045501.305mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7110W-WRC107010013.338501.31TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens - (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0012-194-IR12001201173501.13.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0012-843-IR1200803805013.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0012-844-IR1200401273501.13.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0013-194-IR1300401178501.13.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM0013-199-IR13001005905013.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0013-843-IR130050590500.93.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0013-844-IR1300401178501.13.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM1200MT2-BK1200554.663501.063.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM1201SM112001301072501.061.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM1300MT2-BK1300554.070501.033.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM1301SM11300130976501.061.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM2010-496-IR102015017mW/sr403501.23.8x3.8mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM4110MT2-BK1040559.036501.303.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM4110SM110321301843501.351.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM5010-199-IR10501001.2mW/sr80501.23.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5010-496-IR105012038503501.503.8x3.8mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM5010-843-IR1050501140501.33.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5015-194-IR15501206120501.053.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5015-843-IR15505531305013.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5015-844-IR1550406120501.053.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5016-199-IR16501001.71305013.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5016-843-IR16505031305013.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM5115MT2-BK1550602.1100501.053.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM5115SM115351304.6125501.061.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM5116MT2-BK1650601.9115500.953.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM5116SM116351305125500.961.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM6014-194-IR14601205.6118501.053.2x1.6mm Flat Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM6014-844-IR1460406118501.053.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM6114MT2-BK1450552.5100501.003.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM6114SM114601306115501.061.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote
MTSM7110MT2-BK1070559.637501.323.5x2.7 mm Flat Top SMD (2pin)Digikey
MTSM7110SM110681302144501.351.6x1.6 mm Square SMD (2 pin)Price Quote