450nm to 624nm

Made with an advanced optical-grade epoxy, these LEDs provide outstanding performance in high-temperature and high-moisture environments.

450nm to 624nm and white

High-reliability and high-brightness performance that can withstand the elements, SMDs are available in a wide assortment of packages, intensities, colors, and angles.

450nm to 624nm

Reduce the number of LEDs required and provide a more uniform and unique illuminated appearance with our Cree P-4 devices.

400nm – 650nm

Applications for these LEDs range from signage, indication, instrumentation to general lighting. Covering the broad spectrum of visible LED die.

450nm – 624nm

A quick and easy solution for designers and manufacturers to evaluate chips or components.

450nm to 624nm

Featuring multiple LED emitters, Cree high-power Xlamps on linear aluminum core boards provide designers a simplified transition from traditional illumination sources to LED.

450nm to 624nm

Light rings are specifically designed for applications requiring high radiant power output in a compact circular footprint.

280nm – 2,600nm

Multiple, evenly spaced chips in a metal can package combine for a consistent and wide illuminated pattern of light.

Cree’s High Power InGaN LED die packaged in high reliability metal can packages available in a variety of hi-rel packages.

Selecting the proper wavelengths are critical in matching both LED emitter and detector applications. Use Marktech’s Product Selector Guide to find the right components for your project.

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