Near IR Emitters

Near Infrared Emitters

Wavelengths: 720nm to 950nm

Marktech specializes in customizing components and assemblies for your specific application. Our near IR chips are interchangeable with multiple packages and can be tested for any optical and/or electrical parameter to fit your needs.

Our 870nm and 940nm near IR emitters top the most popular LED products list, but Marktech offers a full assortment of near IR wavelengths in numerous package types. And because we manufacture wafers at our own U.S. facilities, we can ensure Marktech’s products are of the highest quality and reliability.

Typical industries served:
Agriculture, medical, banking, security, communications

Common applications:
Currency validation, optical switches and sensors, fiber optics, bar code readers

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ProductPhotoPeak WavelengthAnglePowerBandwidthForward VoltageConditions IFPackageBuy NowSpecs
MTE1077M3A-R7701605.5251.55203mm Ceramic Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800M3A8801604.5601.3203mm Ceramic Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE9440M3A9401604501.2203mm Ceramic Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7063C2-UR6401007152203mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1081C810506.5301.4203mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600C8505028301.45503mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600C28509018301.45503mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE8760C8704018451.5503mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800C880505601.3203mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE8008N38806610601.45505mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600N285011018301.45505mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE9460N295010024401.3505mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE9460N19503233401.3505mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1074N1-R740244301.8205mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE1077N1-R770245.5251.55205mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE2077N1-R770168351.55205mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE2081-OH58101420401.55505mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600N58501625301.45505mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE8760N58701424451.45505mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800N18802411601.45505mm Plastic Round Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8120CP810204.5381.55503.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600CP8502011301.45503.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8760CP870204.6451.5503.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE9440CP940282.8551.35503.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE9460CP9502610401.3503.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE9730CP980205.6852503.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8560MC85011010451.45503.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600MC85010015301.45503.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8760MC87011010451.45503.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE9460MC95011015401.3503.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800PT88082.5601.4550Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)Digikey
MTE9440PT945204551.3550Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)Digikey
MTE8560MT85011020451.4550PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTE8600MT85011027301.4550PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTE8760MT87011020451.4550PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTE9460MT95011025401.350PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTE2087N870129451.5550TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7710N770182251.5520TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8560P-C85056451.550TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600N8502219.6301.450TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600P-C850617341.450TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8760P-C87068451.550TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800N880126601.4550TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE9440N940165.5501.3550TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600W8506425.8301.450TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800W880404601.4550TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE9460WC9509015401.350TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8600M285015030301.4550TO-46 Low Profile Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE2087NK287086.5451.650TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE2087NM8701010451.5550TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE7063NK2-UR63054152.220TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTE8760NK28701210451.550TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800NK288084601.550TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTE8800NN880105601.4550TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MT5720-IR7202010302505mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MT5850-IR8502011401.4205mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MT5880-IR8802011501.4205mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MT5900-IR9002010651.4205mm Plastic Round (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0074-843-IR7401206.0mW/srna1.7303.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey
MTSM0077-843-IR7701206.0mW/srna1.7na3.2x1.6mm Domed Top SMD (2 pin)Digikey