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InGaAs Photodetectors

InGaAs Photodetectors

InGaAs Photodiode Detector in Seam Welded Hermetic SMD Package
InGaAs photodiode detector in seam welded hermetic SMD (ATLAS) package

Marktech manufactured InP PIN photodiodes using InGaAs/InP technology have a spectral sensitivity in the 600nm to 2600nm range for applications requiring low dark current, high speed, and sensitivity, such as fiber optics and optical communications.

Marktech’s lineup of advanced InGaAs photodiode detectors consists of two detector families or series based on their spectral sensitivity ranges:

  • Vis-NIR-SWIR – 600nm to 1700nm spectral sensitivity
  • NIR-SWIR-Extended SWIR – 880nm to 2600nm spectral sensitivity

Photodiode chip active area sizes from 0.1 mm to 3.0 mm enable the optimal selection of low dark current, high speed, light sensitivity, and other detector characteristics for specific applications. InGaAs photodiode applications include fiber optics and free-space optical communications, medical diagnostics (glucose and blood gas), NIR-SWIR monitoring, IR laser alignment, infrared position sensing, spectroscopy, chromatography, and chemical analysis.

No integrated Thermal Electric (TE) Cooling is utilized or required on any of Marktech’s standard PIN photodiodes for reduced costs and improved overall efficiency. However, TE coolers, transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), and other components can be custom packaged with our InGaAs detectors for special applications.

In addition to its InGaAs PIN photodiodes, Marktech offers foundry services for the epitaxial growth of SWIR wafers in the 1.0 um to 2.6 um range, using InP material as the base substrate. Marktech is currently producing these high-reliability wafers in 2″, 3″, and 4″ diameters. Among the applications for these wafers are photodetectors, linear arrays, and image sensors. Photodetectors processed using our epitaxial wafers provide significant advantages, including lower dark current, better shunt resistance, and improved performance at lower operating temperatures.

InGaAs PIN photodiodes are available in various package types such as hermetically sealed metal cans (TO-5, TO-18, TO-39, and TO-46), ceramic SAW packages, pigtail metal cans, 3mm molded plastic through-hole (flat lens or dome ceramic), and Marktech’s latest enhanced packaging system – the seam welded surface mount device (SMD) ATLAS package. InGaAs detectors in our hermetic ATLAS package have superior protection against oxygen and moisture ingress. The compact SMD form factor is highly suited to high-volume manufacturing. In addition, the low profile of ATLAS packaged InGaAs detectors is useful in wearable applications. We can also incorporate the photodetector die into custom-designed assemblies.

In addition to InGaAs infrared detectors, Marktech offers a range of standard silicon detectors such as photodiodes (SiPDs), phototransistors, and avalanche photodiodes. Our silicon detectors have a spectral sensitivity of 400 nm to 1100 nm for optical switching, Vis-NIR sensing, position sensing, laser alignment, light & laser monitoring, spectroscopy, oximetry, and other applications requiring high-speed, consistent, and high-reliability performance.

Standard photovoltaic Silicon photodiodes: Spectral sensitivity in the 400nm to 1100nm range for applications such as spectroscopy equipment and any light sensing application requiring broadband sensitivity with enhancements in the blue/green region. UV enhanced silicon photodiode has some sensitivity down to 254nm.

Silicon phototransistors: Spectral sensitivity in the 400nm to 1100nm range for applications requiring very high sensitivity, uniform response, and increased reliability, such as card readers and optical sensors.

Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (Si APD’s): For high speed and low light level detection in the NIR spectrum, optimized for 800nm or 905nm peak response.

InGaAs PIN Photodiodes: High-sensitivity and high reliability with spectral sensitivity in the 600nm – 2600nm range. Our InGaAs detectors are ideally suited for medical diagnostics, chemical analysis, position sensing, Vis-NIR-SWIR broadband sensing, and optical communications devices.

InGaAs-Silicon Dual Diodes: Spectral sensitivity from 254nm to 2600nm depending on specific InGaAs and silicon photodiodes placed in the same package.

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ProductPhotoActive AreaPeak WavelengthSpectral RangeOverall Size (mm)Buy NowSpecs
MTD6013D3-PD0.5 mm1250750-17503mm Plastic Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPD1346D-2002.0 mm1300600-1750TO-39 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTPD1346D-3003.0 mm1300600-1750TO-39 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTPD1346D-0100.1 mm1300600-1750TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTPD1346D-0300.3 mm1300600-1750TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTPD1346D-1001.0 mm1300600-1750TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTPD1346D-1501.5 mm1300600-1750TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTSM1346SMF1-1001.0 mm1300600-17503.0x3.0 mm SMD Flat LensPrice Quote
MTSM1346SMF2-1001.0 mm1300600-17505.0x5.0 mm SMD Flat LensPrice Quote
MTPD2601N-1001.0 mm1600600-2600TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (3 pin)Price Quote
MTPD2601T-1001.0mm1600600-2600TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Price Quote
MTPD2600-1001.0mm1750880-2600TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey