255nm – 400nm

Marktech’s extensive line of ultraviolet (UV) LEDs comes in a wide variety of packages and can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

275nm – 405nm

A broad line of single or quad High Power UV LEDs as standard components and as well as mounted on Starboards for easy evaluation.

440nm – 700nm

Marktech offers the broadest selection of high-reliability packages and die within the visible light spectrum.

630nm – 980nm

Available in numerous package types, the near IR wavelengths are among Marktech’s most popular LEDs in recent years.

630nm – 980nm

This series incorporates a specially designed LED die and aperture window to create a precise, unobstructed light output pattern.

1020nm – 1720nm

Used in many material analysis and machine vision applications, short wavelength infrared (SWIR) emitters offer the high-power, high-speed performance you need.

280nm – 2,600nm

With a ceramic package, these low-profile emitters offer a variety of polarized and non-polarized configurations for AC or DC operation.

Marktech high power infrared (IR) emitters offer outputs two to three times greater than our standard devices with similar form factors.

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