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marktech Detectors

150 nm – 450 nm

Marktech offers both standard and custom UV detector packaging options, including components, assemblies and bare chips, to match a variety of requirements.

300 nm – 1100 nm

Silicon photodetectors, in standard and custom designs, are the industry’s go-to sensor for applications requiring high speed, consistency, and reliability.

300 nm – 1100 nm

Marktech’s standard and custom Silicon phototransistors can be specified within applications requiring high sensitivity, uniform response, and increased reliability.

800 nm or 905 nm
Peak Response

Avalanche photodiodes are perfect for high-speed and low-light level detection in the NIR range.

600 nm – 2600 nm

This high-sensitivity and high-reliability product series is ideally suited for applications in the SWIR wavelength range.

With capability to detect light in the UV, visible, and IR spectra, photodetectors, phototransistors, and photodiodes are being specified within an-ever increasing number of unique applications.

The selection of proper wavelengths is a vital aspect of correctly matching¬† LED emitters and detectors within your application. Use Marktech’s Product Selection Guide to find the right type of component for your project needs.

 Need a small number of LEDs for your design proof of concept? Or, would you like to purchase a run for your prototypes? No problem! Visit the Marktech Optoelectronics online store at Digi-Key Electronics today for your sample needs, with most standard products available with 24-hour shipment from stock.