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Photo Reflectors

Wavelengths: 468nm to 1625nm

Our High Reliability Photo Reflectors are sensors that contain both the emitter and photo detector functions within a single package. Emitted light from the Marktech sensor is reflected back to the detector side as an object enters the sensing area. This series of Marktech sensors is ideally suited for applications including edge sensing, line sensing, coin bill validation and bar code reading.

Our standard Photo Reflectors are offered in a compact high reliability 4mm plastic package with a wavelength range from 468nm to 1625nm and optimal operational distance is 0.5mm-1.5mm. These devices offer superior alignment and sensitivity making them ideal for position sensing applications. In addition emitter/detector combinations are available from UV to SWIR.

Custom designs also are available; learn more about our comprehensive engineering and design services.

Typical industries served: Manufacturing, banking, security

Common applications: Edge sensing, line sensing, coin and bill validation, barcode reading, card readers

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ProductPhotoPeak WavelengthPackageDevice TypeFall TimeCurrentDark CurrentForward VoltageRise TimeBuy NowSpecs
MTRS0012C12205.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)InGaAs Photo Diode1801.03Digikey
MTRS0013C13005.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)InGaAs Photo Diode1801.00Digikey
MTRS10707004mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Transistor305001001.8 - 2.220Digikey
MTRS4010C10405.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)InGaAs Photo Diode1801.25Digikey
MTRS4720D4684mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photodiode10.351003.5 - 4.01Digikey
MTRS5116C16255.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)InGaAs Photo Diode1800.87Digikey
MTRS5250D5204mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Diode10.31003.5 - 4.01Digikey
MTRS57505744mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photodiode10.181002.4 - 2.81Digikey
MTRS5750D5744mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Transistor301501002.4 - 2.820Digikey
MTRS5900D5904mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photodiode10.31002.0 - 2.51Digikey
MTRS6014C14305.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)InGaAs Photo Diode1800.95Digikey
MTRS6140D6104mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Diode10.551002.0 - 2.51Digikey
MTRS66606604mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Transistor3012001001.8 - 2.230Digikey
MTRS6660D6604mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photodiode11.5101.8 - 2.21Digikey
MTRS6660DSM6605.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)Photo Diode1.51.80Digikey
MTRS7010C10705.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)InGaAs Photo Diode1801.25Digikey
MTRS8760C8704mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Diode2.00.9101.342.0Price Quote
MTRS8800RWSC4880TO-46 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Photo DiodeNA0.01101.45NADigikey
MTRS95209504mm Plastic Flat Lens (4 pin)Photo Transistor301001001.1 - 1.420Digikey
MTRS9520DSM9505.1x3.3mm SMD (4 pin)Photo Diode1.51.20Digikey