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Ceramic Multichip Emitters

As the push for miniaturization of electronics continues, space constraints continue to be a challenge for design engineers. Marktech specializes in chip-on-board (COB) solutions where multiple LED chips are placed into a single small package. Sensors’ emission and detection circuits can be greatly enhanced by this compact COB configuration.

Used for high-reliability indicators, switch backlighting, and panel illumination, the Marktech ceramic multichip LED series is available in a variety of colors with polarized and non-polarized configurations for AC or DC operation. These low-profile emitters contain multiple, evenly spaced chips, which combine for a consistent and wide illuminated pattern of light while consuming little power.

Additional wavelengths such as blue, white, and IR are available.

Marktech also can custom sort ceramic multichip LED devices for specific power output. Learn more about Marktech’s quality control and testing services.

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ProductPhotoColorPeak WavelengthIntensityAltCategory2BandwidthForward VoltageBuy NowSpecs
MT101NP-UGGreen56550 mcdNon Polarized3013.3Digikey
MT106F-UGGreen56550 mcdPolarized3012Digikey
MT121L-UGGreen56550 mcdPolarized306Digikey
MT121NP-UGGreen56550 mcdNon Polarized307.5Digikey
MT101NP-YLAmber58520 mcdNon Polarized3012.8Digikey
MT106F-YLAmber58520 mcdPolarized3011.5Digikey
MT121L-YLAmber58520 mcdPolarized305.8Digikey
MT121NP-YLAmber58520 mcdNon Polarized307.3Digikey
MT101NP-HRRed63525 mcdNon Polarized3512.3Digikey
MT106F-HRRed63525 mcdPolarized3511Digikey
MT121L-HRRed63525 mcdPolarized355.5Digikey
MT121NP-HRRed63525 mcdNon Polarized357Digikey
MT101NP-URDRed660100 mcdNon Polarized2011.8Digikey
MT106F-URDRed660100 mcdPolarized2012.6Digikey
MT121L-URDRed660100 mcdPolarized205.3Digikey
MT121NP-URDRed660100 mcdNon Polarized206.8Digikey