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Point Source Emitters

625nm to 850nm

Marktech’s Point Source Emitters are powered by a unique LED chip that produces a well-defined pattern of light similar to a “point”. These chips in combination with high quality grade glass lenses produce an extremely narrow, near parallel radiation pattern. This unobstructed, radiated beam pattern is made possible by producing a unique defined active area and relocating the topside electrode. By eliminating the “dark spot” typically associated with the center of conventional LEDs, the point source LED yields superior results in critical sensing applications. Our Point Source Emitters are available in TO-18, TO-46 and PLCC-4 packages.

Marktech can customize both chip and component packaging depending on the application. Die aperture windows are available up to 200um. Lensing options are available depending on the beam output desired. The Point Source is a suitable alternative to laser diodes in short range applications offering increased temperature range capabilities and reduced risk of discharge due to ESD.

Available in a wide variety of packages with various viewing angles, Point Source LED die feature a wire bond, which attaches next to the emission window (as opposed to the center of the window), eliminating any dark spots in the light output pattern. The Point Source series outperforms standard emitters at high speeds, yielding a stable output pattern.

Typical industries served:
Medical, manufacturing, communications, industrial

Common applications:
Encoders, linear positioning, line sensing, medical sensing, short-haul fiber, machine vision, edge sensing, optical switches

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ProductPhotoPeak WavelengthAngleAperturePowerPackageBuy NowSpecs
MTPS2097MC98060250.453.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS3085CP85012501.63.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS3085MC8501005033.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS3085MT850100503PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTPS3085P-C8504502.5TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS3085WC185090502.1TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS3085WS850100502.8TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS5085BSL85015See Spec3.4TO-18 Focused Ball Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS5085BWS8506See Spec3.5TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)Digikey
MTPS7065MC650901501.63.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS7065MT650901502.2PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTPS7065MT2-BK650401501.0PLCC-2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8062NK1630120.15TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Price Quote
MTPS8065PT65010800.7Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)Digikey
MTPS8065WC65090800.9TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085CP850121502.53.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085FT850501501Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085M1850801508TO-46 Low Profile Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085MC8501001504.53.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085MT8501001503PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085NK1855241503TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085P-C85051503.3TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085PT850101502Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085W850401506TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS8085WS-WRC 855501502.7TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9062MC-BK63090250.053.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9062PT63010250.04Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)Digikey
MTPS9062WC65090250.018TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9067MC650501600.63.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9067MT650501602.4PLCC-4 SMD Flat Lens (4 pin)Digikey
MTPS9067NK165051600.4TO-46 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9067P-C6502.51600.4TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9067WC650451600.4TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Digikey
MTPS9085WC850901502TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)Price Quote