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Silicon Photo Transistors

Marktech offers a broad line of silicon photo Transistors in a variety of package types ranging from miniature metal can to ceramic packages. These devices are available with standard silicon die having a spectral sensitivity of approximately 400nm – 1100nm or with special UV enhanced silicon chips with sensitivity in the lower UV-A range. Custom active areas and multi-element chips can also be manufactured to suit your application.

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ProductPhotoAngular ResponsePeak WavelengthOverall Size (mm)Spectral RangeFall TimeRise TimeBuy NowSpecs
MTD8600N4-T24880TO-18 Metal Can Domed400-110010µS10µSDigikey
MTD8000M3B-T1608803mm Ceramic Domed Lens (2 pin)400-110010µS10µSDigikey
MTD6000PT-T20880Pigtail Metal Can Domed Lens (1 pin)400-11005µS7µSDigikey
MTD8600N-T24880TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (2 pin)400-110010µS10µSDigikey
MTD8000N4-T24880TO-18 Metal Can Domed Lens (3 pin)400-110010µS10µSDigikey
MTD8600T-T110880TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (2 pin)400-110010µS10µSDigikey
MTD8600T4-T110880TO-18 Metal Can Flat Lens (3 pin)400-110010µS10µSDigikey
MTD8000D1308803mm Plastic Round Lens450-10502020Digikey
MTD8000D3658803mm Plastic Flat Lens450-10502020Digikey
MTD6000PP228801.55mm Metal Pill Domed Lens400-110010µS10µSPrice Quote
MTD6000CP-T108803.5x2.2 SMD Domed Lens (2 pin)400-11005µS7µSPrice Quote
MTD6000MC-T508803.5x2.2 SMD Flat Lens (2 pin)400-11005µS7µSPrice Quote
MTD8600M3B808803mm Ceramic Domed Lens (2 pin)400-110010µS10µSPrice Quote