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UV Curing Module

The QuickCure™ QC250 UV Curing Module was developed for the machine designer tasked with upgrading traditional UV bulb-curing systems to a more reliable UV-LED platform. The QC250 UV Curing Module features an array of 100 high power UV LEDs configured into a 1 inch x 1 inch board space and produces upwards of 19.2 W/ cm2 at the ink curing surface.

The QC250 curing board and controllers allow for quick conversion to LED technology where the benefits for curing inks, coatings and adhesives can be immediately realized. This high reliability, multi function board system gives a designer flexibility to keep their expertise in machine design and cooling in house, a combination that produces a much faster, customizable and more affordable solution for their customer base.

Benefits of UV LEDs in Curing
You have seen the future of UV curing and it involves the use of LEDs. Here are some of the important advantages of UV LED generated light.

  • Utilizes much less power than conventional light fixtures
  • Instant on/off with no detrimental impact on the life and radiance of the UV LED.
  • Targeted wavelength for precise curing applications
  • Long lifetimes even at high irradiance
  • One sided light, no need for shutters or reflectors on the backside of the light
  • Mercury-free, no ozone creation
  • Heat directed away from target.

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