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Cree LED TR Chip Series

Cree LED’s SR LED Chips are the newest generation of solid-state LED emitters that combine highly efficient InGaN materials with Cree LED’s device design to deliver superior value and performance. SR LED Chips are among the smallest and brightest in the market enabling compact and highly efficient solutions for a variety of applications, including indicators, gaming, and video displays.

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ProductSpecsDevice TypeCurrentViewing Area (mm)DWLBuy Now
SR1321SR LED30210 x 130445, 465Price Quote
SR2130SR LED30205 x 305, 230 x 305445, 475Price Quote
SR370SR LED80370 x 370445, 465Price Quote
SR5283SR LED240535 x 840445, 455Price Quote
SR550SR LED200560 x 560445, 465Price Quote
SR6492SR LED350635 x 915445, 465Price Quote