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Cree LED EZBright P-Pad Up LED Chips

Cree LED’s EZBright® LEDs are the newest generation of solid-state LED emitters that combine highly efficient InGaN materials with Cree LED’s proprietary optical design and device submount technology to deliver superior value for high-intensity LEDs.

The optical design maximizes light extraction efficiency and enables a Lambertian radiation pattern.

Additionally, these LEDs are die-attachable with conductive epoxy, solder paste or solder preforms, as well as the flux eutectic attach method.

These vertically structured, low-forward-voltage LED chips are approximately 170 microns in height. Cree LED’s EZ™ chips are tested for conformity to optical and electrical specifications.

These LEDs are useful in a broad range of applications such as general illumination, automotive lighting and mobile flash.

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ProductDWLSpecsDevice TypeCurrentDimensionsBuy Now
EZ1350-P450, 460EZBright Anode-up15001330 x 1330Price Quote
EZ1950-P450, 460EZBright Anode-up30001930 x 1930Price Quote
EZ400-P450, 460, 470, 527EZBright Anode-up200380 x 380Price Quote
EZ500-P450, 460, 470, 527EZBright Anode-up300480 x 480Price Quote
EZ700-P450, 460, 470EZBright Anode-up750680 x 680Price Quote
EZ850-P450, 460, 470EZBright Anode-up1000830 x 830Price Quote
EZ950-P450, 460, 470, 527EZBright Anode-up1000930 x 930Price Quote