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Cree LED DA Chip Series

Cree LED’s EZBright® LEDs are the next generation of solid-state LED emitters that combine highly efficient InGaN materials with Cree LED’s proprietary optical design and device technology to deliver superior value for high-intensity LEDs. The optical design maximizes light extraction efficiency and enables a Lambertian radiation pattern. Additionally, these LEDs are die attachable with conductive epoxy, solder paste or solder preforms, as well as the eutectic method. These vertically structured, low forward voltage LED chips are approximately 170 microns in height. Cree LED’s EZ™ chips are tested for conformity to optical and electrical specifications.

These LEDs are useful in a broad range of applications, such as general illumination, automotive lighting and LCD backlighting.

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ProductSpecsDWLDevice TypeCurrentDimensionsBuy Now
EZ1000-N450, 460, 527EZBright Cathode-up1000980 x 980Price Quote
EZ290-N460, 470, 527EZBright Cathode-up50280 x 280Price Quote
EZ400-N450, 460, 470, 527EZBright Cathode-up200380 x 380Price Quote
EZ500-N450, 460, 470, 527EZBright Cathode-up300480 x 480Price Quote
EZ600-N450, 460, 527EZBright Cathode-up400580 x 580Price Quote
EZ700-N450, 460, 470, 527EZBright Cathode-up750680 x 680Price Quote