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Marktech's visible chips cover the entire spectrum ranging from blue, green, yellow, orange and various shades of red. In addition Marktech offers tight binning for both electrical and optical parameters such as power output, forward voltage and wavelength. When choosing a chip our team of application engineers can help direct you to the correct chip that will optimize your application. We do this for small, medium and large manufacturers.

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Part Number Photo Peak Wavelength Current Buy Now Specs
OPC6300-21 635 350 Price Quote
OPC6600-28 660 50 Price Quote
OPC6600-28A 660 50 Price Quote
OPC6600-28B 660 50 Price Quote
OPC6700-28 670 20 Price Quote
OPC6700-28A 670 50 Price Quote
OPC6700-32 670 50 Price Quote
OPC6700-21 670 350 Price Quote
OPC6800-21 680 350 Price Quote
OPC6900-21 700 350 Price Quote
OPC7000-21 700 500 Price Quote
OPC7000-32 700 50 Price Quote