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Cree DA LED Chips

450nm - 470nm

Cree's direct attached (DA) LED die eliminate the need for wire bonds, enabling superior performance from improved thermal management.

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Cree TR Chips

450nm - 527nm

Cree TR LED chips are among the brightest in the top-view market, while also delivering a low forward voltage.

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Cree Mega Bright

460nm - 527nm

Cree Mega Bright (MB) LEDs have a geometrically enhanced design to maximize light-extraction efficiency.

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These LEDs are useful in a broad range of applications such as general illumination, automotive lighting and mobile flash.

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These LEDs are useful in a broad range of applications, such as general illumination, automotive lighting and LCD backlighting.

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Cree Ultra Thin LED Chips

450nm to 527nm

Cree Ultra Thin (UT) LEDs are ideal for applications requiring high brightness, sub-miniaturization, and thinner form factors.

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IR Chips

760nm - 1,720nm

Marktech offers one of the broadest ranges of infrared chips from standard low current type to large format high current/high power emitter die.

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UV LED Chips

280nm to 400nm

Ultraviolet (UV) LED chips are a cost-effective and energy-efficient option for sensing, detecting, and curing applications.

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Applications for CREE Razor Thin LEDs include next-generation mobile appliances

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Visible Emitters

635nm to 740nm

Marktech offers tight binning for both electrical and optical parameters such as power output, forward voltage and wavelength.

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View the wide range of sensors Marktech Optoelectronics has to offer, based on the visible spectrum, and the wavelengths your application needs, for both emitters and detectors.

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