Marktech Introduces Line of InGaAs/InP PIN Photo Diode components

Marktech is pleased to introduce its line of PIN Photo Diode components based on InGaAs/InP technology. These devices are currently available in a TO-46 flat top package with a spectral sensitivity in the 800nm to 1750nm range. Photo Diode chip active area sizes from 0.1mm to 3.0mm are available to provide the optimum balance between low dark current, high speed and light sensitivity. This allows for increased flexibility and options in a variety of applications ranging from fiber optics and high speed optical communications to medical and chemical analysis. No integrated TE (Thermal Electric) Cooling is utilized on any of our PIN Photo Diodes thereby reducing costs and improving overall efficiency. These devices are available from Digi-key ( Custom package options and die are also available.

In addition to Pin Photo Diodes Marktech offers foundry services for epitaxial growth of SWIR wafers in the 1.0 um to 2.6um range using InP material as the base substrate. Marktech is currently producing these high reliability wafers in 2”, 3” and 4” diameters.

Among the applications for these wafers are photo detectors, linear arrays and image sensors. Photo detectors processed using our epitaxial wafers provide significant enhancements including lower dark current, better shunt resistance and overall improved performance at lower operating temperatures.

Marktech Optoelectronics was established in 1985 as an engineering, design and testing facility. Today Marktech has its own line of sensors, assemblies and material fabrication. At Marktech our only focus is optoelectronics.
For more information contact Patti Worbel ( at Marktech Optoelectronics, 3 Northway Lane North, Latham, NY 12110, (518) 956-2980.

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