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Since the transparent resin has a low softening temperature (glass transition temperature), carefully control the temperature when soldering. The following precautions should be observed when soldering lead type LED lamps.

Soldering Conditions
When soldering LED lamps to the PCB, follow the soldering conditions shown below:

Lighting Method MainApplicationAdvantages
Dynamic LightingIndoor display equipment using matrix wiring, light source for standard lighting using matrix wiringReduces the number of drive components such as transistors and lowers costs
Static LightingIndicators, outdoor display equipmentEnables high-brightness design, minimizes flickering in applications such as road signs.

Specific Handling Precautions for Specific Packages

3 Plastic Stem Package

  • When mounting this kind of device on a 2.54-mm pitch standard PCB, make sure the device body is more than 2mm above the surface of the PC board as you solder the leads.
  • Do not apply mechanical stress from the top of the device
  • Even when the device pitch matches the PCB specification, make sure the device is 1 mm or more away from the board.
  • When using a through-hole board, make sure the device is raised 2mm or more above the board surface.