Chip Choice: The Heart of Your Product

If you are developing a product that uses optoelectronic components, you know that the chip is the heart of your design. Marktech has an extensive selection of optoelectronic chips (also known as die)–ranging from deep ultraviolet (280nm) to short-wave infrared (1720nm) and everything in between, and on the detector side, from 150nm to 2600nm. But the benefits of working with Marktech extend far beyond the depth of our wavelength offerings.

Custom optoelectronic packages

Selecting the proper chip determines the effectiveness and ultimately the success of your product. With a team of experienced engineers on our staff, Marktech can help you choose the right chip(s), package materials, and configuration for your unique application. And what’s more, if needed, we can even create a completely customized optoelectronic product–interchanging virtually any die into any package configuration to meet your specific needs.

“We recently had a customer who had purchased standard parts from our distributor, Digikey,” explains Vince Forte, Marktech’s chief technology officer. “The customer tested the off-the-shelf parts and found that they worked well, however, they were not quite what was needed in their particular application. They explained ‘For our design, we need this package type, and instead of these standard wavelengths, can you substitute with these alternate chips?’ So we custom-built a package for them with different die that better-met their individual needs.”

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While other optoelectronic providers may be willing to create a custom package for large manufacturing runs, Marktech is one of the few companies in the industry that will help you create custom designs even for short-runs. In fact, our expert engineering team can help you throughout the process, from chip selection and prototyping to design; from testing to manufacturing.
In addition to our engineering and design services, Marktech also can perform tight bin selections for both electrical and optical parameters such as power output, forward voltage, and wavelength, to name a few.

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New products require specific chips

Optoelectronics is a rapidly evolving field. “Although the technology behind optoelectronics isn’t new, we are still discovering revolutionary new uses for light of differing wavelengths,” notes Forte. And selecting the right chip for your application is crucial; use the wrong die and the effectiveness of your product is compromised.

For example, a multichip package that includes the wavelengths 660nm and 940nm may be used for medical equipment that measures blood oxygen levels (also known as pulse oximetry). Wavelengths of 280nm and lower can be used for disinfection. Other wavelengths can be used to test blood glucose levels without a finger prick, detect chemical substances or microbes like anthrax, improve military equipment, or diagnose a variety of diseases. Consider the ramifications if the wrong wavelength or inferior quality parts were used in each of these applications.

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What can we help you build?

Marktech is your partner for custom optoelectronics. We can put any wavelength chip into any package in any configuration to meet your needs. And we will shorten your time to market, which saves you money. Check out our product selector guide, and let’s get started today.

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