Avalanche Photo Detectors Now Available in Surface Mount Packages from Marktech Optoelectronics

apd-05-orange-LCC3 Type2Marktech Optoelectronics has just released its new line of Avalanche Photo Detectors (APD) in Surface Mount Packages. These devices are available in two optimized wavelengths–800nm and 905nm–and are now available at Digi-key.com. Featuring a choice of a circular 0.04 or 0.2mm² active area and housed in a LCC3 or LCC6 SMD package, they are well-suited for applications requiring high speed and low noise in visible-near IR applications such as time of flight measurements (Lidar).

“There are many applications emerging for APDs,” notes Barry Jones, Business Unit Manager at Marktech. “For example, many of the safety and convenience advancements within the transportation industry, like self-braking and self-parking systems, are using APD technology as the Lidar sensor.”

These SMD packages expand Marktech’s line up of APD products, which includes high-reliability hermetic TO can packages already available at Digi-key.com. We also offer custom chip design, packaging, and hybridization of all of our Silicon Photodiode and APD chips.

About Marktech:

Marktech Optoelectronics, headquartered in Latham, New York, is a manufacturer of sensors and InP epi wafers. We also have onsite engineering and a design team that really set us apart. With over 30 years of experience in optoelectronic applications, as well as product design and improvement, we take the complexity out of choosing the right parts for the right applications in order to bring your product to market faster.

Marktech’s support capabilities include onsite labs with state-of-the-art test equipment, allowing us to test and validate for all optical and electrical parameters. In addition to our sensor line, Marktech is a Cree Solutions Provider for their line of High Brightness LEDs and materials.

So tell us: What do you want to build?

Bring Marktech your idea; we can manage the entire process for you, from design to prototype, from testing to production and QA.

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