The Art of Customization

As an electrical design engineer, you are often faced with tradeoffs when designing components for your product.  While trying to optimize your product’s performance, you are challenged with factors such as physical size, various electrical parameters, costs, and lead times.  When designing optoelectronic components or assemblies it can get even trickier since you may be working with various materials, wavelengths, space restrictions, environmental factors, and perhaps budget restrictions.

At Marktech, we can help simplify this process and guide you to a solution that will optimize your product’s performance while keeping costs within your budget.  We’ve have been doing this for 30 years so we understand complex applications that deal with optical sensors, LEDs, materials, and just about anything related to optoelectronics.  Our success is predicated on our ability to understand your goals and customize components and assemblies starting from the chip level and including packaging, testing, and engineering design.MKT_3454-B

So Why Choose Marktech as Your Design Partner?

Let’s start with materials- the heart of your optoelectronic component. We offer one of the broadest commercially available selections of optoelectronic materials ranging from deep ultra violet (280nm) to short wave infrared (1720nm) and everything in between. On the detector side, our offering ranges from 150nm to 2600nm. Not only can we help you choose the proper material(s) for your application, we also can perform tight bin selections for both electrical and optical parameters such as power output, forward voltage, and wavelength, to name a few.
With this shorter design cycle, you will discover that working with an optoelectronic application expert such as Marktech will result in tangible cost-savings. Utilizing our engineering expertise, testing facilities, and quality control measures allows you to focus your technical and monetary resources elsewhere.

Now that you have chosen a chip, it’s on to the package. When it comes to packaging, Marktech offers a wide array of standard packages along with custom designed components and assemblies. We offer 3 and 5 mm plastic; TO-5, T0-18, TO-39, and TO-46 cans; as well as surface mount devices to name a few, and we are able to mount your chosen chip(s) into any of these packages. Marktech also provide chip- on-board assemblies that utilize standard FR-4 materials in addition to metal core (aluminum or copper) PCBs, ceramic and flexible Polyimide. Our packages are available with multiple die from two chips up to 144 bonded on a single device.

Now that your component/ assembly is complete, Marktech will validate that it meets all of your required optical and electrical parameters by performing a 100% test, in addition to a standard QC inspection, on our state-of –the-art, custom- made photometric, radiometric, and electronic measurement equipment.