Mix it Up: Marktech Offers the Optoelectronic Customization You Need

When it comes to designing your new product or simply improving on an existing product Marktech can provide you with the resources you need from materials, packaging options, testing and expert advice. We offer a broad assortment of custom detectors and custom LED solutions, but perhaps most important, we have a team of engineers on staff who have the expertise to provide clients with the exact specifications needed to make their product perform flawlessly and get to market quickly–from proof-of-concept to manufacture and launch.

Custom Detectors to Meet Your Needs

Detectors, photo transistors, and photodiodes have the ability to detect light in the UV, visible, and infrared spectrums. This increasingly popular technology is being used in devices ranging from card readers and optical sensors to fiber optics and optical communications.

The Marktech detector component line includes:

  • Specialty photo detectors (GaP Schottky)
  • Standard photovoltaic silicon photodiodes
  • Silicon photo transistor and Avalanche photodiodes
  • InGaAs and InP PIN photodiodes
  • InGaAs/InP epitaxial wafers

These die have the versatility to be placed in virtually any custom package assembly. Learn more about the Marktech custom detectors, or if you know what specific part you need, check out our Product Selector Guide and then request a quote.

An Assortment of Custom LED Options

From ultraviolet to infrared and numerous wavelengths in between, the large selection of LED sensors and detectors offered by Marktech is available in a variety of standard and custom arrays and assemblies to accommodate your product’s specific needs. Our offerings include:

  • High-brightness and high-power LEDs
  • Multichip emitters and chip-on-board packaging
  • Infrared, ultraviolet, and visible LED emitters
  • Single or multi-chip LED packages or modules for multiple wavelength applications
  • Single or multiple LED die configurations

Take a look at the host of custom LED options offered by Marktech, or look through our Product Selector Guide if you know your specific needs; you can even request a quote online.

Expertise: The Marktech Difference

While there may be other companies that offer custom optoelectronic parts, the differentiator that truly sets Marktech above the competition is our design and test services. Our staff of engineers specializes in optoelectronics application support and can offer detailed guidance on design, parts, and assemblies that best suit your specific needs.

The Marktech engineering team takes the time to understand your goals and the environment your product will be used in, and we have the know-how to match our parts to your specifications to get your device designed and into production. We even have a complete onsite components lab (LINK to Testing/Eval page) where we can perform testing that validates wavelength, measures angles, simulates specific conditions, and more.

Learn more about the 10-Step Marktech Process  that will get your product to market faster.

We have the customization you need, so, what do you want to build? Let’s get started today. Take the first step by contacting us with any questions, or if you know what part you need, take a look at our Product Selector Guide and request a quote online. Some products can even be ordered directly through our secure online DigiKey portal.

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