150nm – 450nm

Marktech offers both standard and custom packaging including components, assemblies and bare chip options to match application requirements

300nm – 1100nm

Silicon, or Si photo detectors are the go-to sensor for applications requiring high speed, consistency, and high reliability.

300nm – 1100nm

Marktech’s silicon photo transistors can be utilized in applications requiring very high sensitivity, uniform response, and increased reliability.

800nm or 905nm peak response

Avalanche photodiodes are perfect for high-speed and low-light level detection in the near-infrared range.

600nm – 2600nm

This high-sensitivity and high-reliability product series is ideally suited for applications in the SWIR wavelength range.

With the ability to detect light in the UV, visible, and infrared spectrums, photo detectors, photo transistors, and photodiodes are being used in increasingly more applications.

Selecting the proper wavelengths are critical in matching both LED emitter and detector applications. Use Marktech’s Product Selector Guide to find the right components for your project.

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